Responses and Entities


Responses and entities provide additional information that can be of great importance to developers using the SDK, such as additional documentation in the form of IntelliSense (function parameter information, variables, and SDK modules).


The Responses section includes all the different types of Responses that can be obtained when making a query to the PixelPay services.

Response types can help a developer determine whether a transaction performed is succesful or not. If it is not successful, you can capture what type of error was generated. All response types are equivalent to one or more HTTP response codes.

Response Type HTTP Code Description
SuccessResponse 200 Respuesta exitosa
Successful response
Possibly contains additional information in data.
ErrorResponse 400 General error by the client
NoAccessResponse 401, 403 Permissions and/or access error, the client does not have access to this resource. You may not have submitted the necessary credentials or your credentials have already expired.
PaymentDeclinedResponse 402 Payment was declined by the service.
NotFoundResponse 404, 405, 406 Resource not found.
TimeoutResponse 408 Server response time out.
PreconditionalResponse 412, 418 rror where the terms submitted by the client do not match the terms of service.
InputErrorResponse 422 Error in the entity sent by the client, where a validation failed in one or more sent fields.
NetworkFailureResponse 500 Communication failure with the service
FailureResponse >500 or network failure Service Failure.


Entities provide even more information about the type of response received from services.

All responses have a defined structure, such as a JSON format. For example, many successful transactions return a data property as a response. Entities help, depending on the type of service used, define in further detail what exactly this component contains.

Date type Description Services using the entity
CardResult Data in responses from the Tokenization service CardTokenization
TransactionResult Data in responses from the Transaction service AuthTransaction


Property Type Description
status string Card Status
mask string Masked card number
network string Card network brand
type string Card type (debit/credit)
bin string Car container number
last string Last 4 card numbers
hashes string Unique hash number of the card
address string Shipping Address
country string Billing country
state string Statement of account
city string Billing City
zip string Billing ZIP Code
email string Billing Customer Email
phone string Billing Phone


Property Type Description
transaction_type string Transaction Response Type
transaction_approved_amount double Amount approved in capture/sale
transaction_amount double Amount of the initial or registered transaction
transaction_auth string AUTH reference code of the transaction
transaction_terminal string Transaction Network Terminal ID
transaction_merchant string Transaction Network Merchant ID
response_cvn string CVV2 Result Response Code
response_avs string Address Verification Code Response
response_cavv string CAVV Network Assessment Result Code
transaction_id string Transaction identifier
transaction_reference string Transaction STAN, Processor Transaction Identifier, or Transaction Reference
transaction_time string Transaction result time
transaction_date string Transaction result date
response_approved boolean The answer is financially approved
response_incomplete boolean Fatal response not completed or execution interrupted
response_code string Processor response code
response_time string Network response time
response_reason string Processor response message
installment_type string Type of installment of the transaction
installment_months string Number of months of installment of the transaction
payment_uuid string Unique payment identifier
payment_hash string Payment Integrity Validation Hash