Resources provide additional resources that can be of great help for all kinds of integrations.

The types of resources included are:

  • Environments (Environment): includes the different types of environment available.
  • Locations (Locations): includes a list of relevant location data in compliance with ISO-3166-1 and ISO-3166-2 standards.

Environments (Environment)

Environment contains the different types of environments available to the SDK, such as production or testing. Environment is a class that only contains static properties (similar to an ENUM).

Environment properties

Property Type Access Default
LIVE string static "live"
SANDBOX string static "sandbox"

Locations (Locations)

Locations contains a list of relevant locations, which follow the ISO-3166-1 and ISO-3166-2 standards. It is very important to follow the format of these rules, since they are the ones that are handled within the PixelPay ecosystem.

Locations Methods

Function Parameters Return Access
countriesList object<string, string> public

List of countries where the key is the country code according to the ISO-3166-1 standard and in alpha-2 format.

Function Parameters Return Access
statesList country_code: string object<string, string> public

List of subdivisions of the country, where the key is the code of the subdivision of the country according to the ISO-3166-2 standard.

To get the country_code parameter you can use the countriesList method.